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Wealth Management

Our Advantage, Your Opportunity

With the number of consumers interested in a relationship focused on advice rather than products increasing every day, offering wealth management services is one of the most important ways for advisors to expand their customer base and add value to clients. We provide the tools for a customized wealth management strategy. Our platform contains the features and industry-leading services that you need.


The features within our Broker/Dealer’s technology platform, SmartWorksSM, give you one-click access to all the tools you need to design a portfolio, set up an asset allocation, select products, implement your client’s plan, track its progress and make adjustments along the way.


  • Create customized financial plans in less than 20 minutes
  • Perform side-by-side portfolio comparisons (current allocation vs. recommended allocation)
  • Solve for client goals using MoneyGuidePro’s SuperSolve™ function or multiple “What-if Worksheet” scenarios
  • Stress test your results using Monte Carlo simulations
  • Produce client-friendly presentations


Independent advice requires in-depth research into the countless products available to your clients. Our Broker/Dealer makes putting that information in front of your clients seamless with their complimentary pre-reviewed, customizable client communications that demonstrate your commitment to independence and accountability. These communication pieces include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Daily Market Briefings
  • Monthly Market Monitors
  • Quarterly Recaps & Outlooks
  • Yearly Recaps & Outlooks
  • White Papers

Advisory Services

We have the products, tools and training available to help you forge and maintain client relationships that develop from delivering advisory services. Cetera offers a series of managed investment programs, including advisor-directed, turnkey mutual fund wrap, and separately managed account programs designed to help you implement your clients’ asset allocation strategy.