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What We Do

Financial Planning

Each financial plan is custom developed by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ which means you can feel confident with the results. Having a financial plan is the first crucial step in developing a roadmap that will guide you to your financial goals, including your retirement. Plans are not only customized to help meet your specific goals, they are flexible to handle life’s unexpected events.

We offer fee-only financial planning service on an hourly basis for any individual, regardless of their asset size. “Fee only” means that you pay for exactly what you need, not for any irrelevant services or products. You have the choice of implementing your investment plan through our firm, a discount brokerage firm, another trusted advisor or by yourself. 

Wealth Management

Wealth management is a tailored approach to planning and managing all aspects of your financial picture. All of your financial affairs are reviewed and can be coordinated by us, which may include CPAs, Certified Financial PlannerTM professionals and attorneys. Collectively, the goal is to simplify and handle the myriad of life and financial issues that can be downright overwhelming. We have access to many investment options, as well as the flexibility to accommodate just about any type of financial need or goal. We offer estate planning, charitable giving and tax planning services as part of the wealth management process.  

How Do We Do What We Do

Independence is our greatest advantage over many financial professionals. Not tied to one provider or proprietary products, we are free to provide unbiased assistance, without any conflict of interest. We are free to design the most suitable investment program using an array of investment offerings. As a fee-based firm, our profits are predicated on the growth of our client’s investments. It is in our best interest to do what serves you best. We are permanently vested in our relationships and work to sustain your trust.